Suite Times

Waste Collection

Quick reminder: For the SAFETY of our garbage collection personnell, please ensure your garbage is sorted into the proper bags. Garbage that is not in the proper bags will not be collected. Broken glass and cans with sharp edges pose a safety hazard and should not be placed with regutar garbage for collection. lf you have large items to dispose of such as furniture , please contact the office so that a bulky item pick up day can be arranged for your property. These are only done quarterty.

A Special Presence

In response to residents concerns at the over noise, vandalism and garbage as a resutt of overzealous residents and their guests on the weekends, Police officers have been provided orders of enforcement on our larger properties. This new program will hopefully cut down on the number of incidents reported to Management and City Enforcement Officers. Although this is now in effect, residents are still asked to report incidents to the Property Manager.

Note: to avoid incidents with the officers, act responsibly and respect the peace and property of your neighbours around you.Should you notice a party or other incident of concern starting up at the property, please call the Police department reporting desk right away to lodge a complaint.The eartier it is reported the more likely the Police can respond promptly.

Community Awareness

One of the biggest enemies to home security is the belief that "it won't happen to me". Safety and security can not be guaranteed and the best defense against becoming a victim of crime is your own awareness to potential dangers. When it comes to the common cold we all know that prevention is better than a cure but many of us fail to apply this wisdom to something as important as the security and safety of our famities and homes.

So what can you do right now to better secure your home from the threat of fire, burgtary, or medical emergencies?

Who's There?
lf a burgtar can get in your front door, it is easier for them to get your valuables out. Never allow strangers into the building by following you thru the secured doors to the property. Report any outdoor lights around your
unit that are not in proper working order to the Property Manager. Likewise,if you notice any of the common area lights around the parking areas are not working notify management right away.
Patio doors should be secured with a bar at the base to prevent anyone from stiding the doors open from the exterior.

A Window of Opportunity?
Only a small percentage of break-ins involve a burglar breaking all the glass in a window as a means to get inside. This is because it can take too long, be too noisy, and the burglar can risk injury. But this does not mean that they will not attempt to break the window and tamper with the lock in order to open it! To help prevent entry via your windows, please ensure the window restrictors provided in your unit are kept in place.

In The Spotlight
Two of the biggest enemies to burglars are noise and light. lf you are going to be away for an extend period of time you may want to put your lights on timers to ensure they come on when it gets dark outside. Try to avoid parking in dark or isolated areas. If possible have a small light attached to your key chain to use if you have trouble finding your way in the dark. Consider having one of the tights in your home on a timer so that you are not coming home to a dark unit at night.

Fire Prevention
In addition to securing your home against the threat of home invasion,you can also take some simple precautions to help prevent another, and often more devastating event - fire. The first step to better fire prevention is to determine where your home's potential "hot-spots"are. Hot-spots are hazard areas that can initiate a fire. Check electrical outlets. Another common error can be overloading of electrical outlets. Never try to reptace fuses in the panel box on your own. Please contact your Property Manager for assistance with these. Safety switches are also a good idea to help avoid potential fire or electrocution. We check the smoke alarms in your unit annually, but it is a good idea to check them when the time changes occur to ensure they are working properly. lf you notice any deficiencies with the device please notify the office right away. Plan your escape route before the fire starts. A copy of the Fire safety Plan for the building can be found by all the main exits to the Property.

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